femme souffrant de douleurs urogénitales

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Cystitis, Mycosis, Urinary tract infection: Sara confides? | Part.2


In this first podcast, hosted by Laurence, Sara* tells her story about an infection that affects one in two women today: cystitis. This moving testimony presents the inconveniences encountered by a woman affected by repeated urinary tract infections and fungal infections. Sara speaks without taboo about the pains and apprehensions she has felt for more than 15 years. "We feel helpless, there is a real impact on moral health (...), on the life of a couple, you do not want us to approach this area". At work, "we can't talk to colleagues about it". Discover Sara's story! CSB Klinik thanks Sara for her testimony. *Sara: the first name has been changed to preserve the patient's anonymity.


Animation : Laurence RAKOTO Montage : Alek TAHORA

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