femme souffrant de douleurs urogénitales

Season 1

Episode 4

Cystitis, Marie lifts taboos! | Part.2


Recurrent cystitis, how to get rid of it? After six weeks of pain and discomfort, Marie decides to contact a specialist. She makes an appointment with her gynecologist who advises her to drink plenty of water and redirects her to a urologist. But is good hydration enough to overcome recurrent cystitis? Are some grandmother's remedies effective? It is ultimately in probiotics that Marie finds a lasting solution. Through her testimony, she invites us to break the taboo of cystitis and reveals her secrets to us. recurrent cystitis, Marie decides to get help. Gynecologists, urologists, sexologists, who to consult? Plants, antibiotics, probiotics, how to find your way around? Marie has tried everything and gives us her anti-cystitis secrets. *Marie: the first name has been changed to preserve her anonymity. Remarks: Each case is unique. In case of urinary tract infection or suspicion, we recommend that you consult a doctor as soon as possible.


Animation : Laurence RAKOTO Montage : Alek TAHORA

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