femme souffrant de douleurs urogénitales

Season 1

Episode 3

Cystitis, Marie lifts taboos! | Part.1


Talk about cystitis. At the age of 25, Marie* began to have recurrent urinary tract infections. Cystitis which, apart from very unpleasant pain, causes her to feel lonely and anxious about sexual intercourse. In an attempt to soothe this chronic discomfort, Marie frequents specialized forums on the internet, then consults her general practitioner who advises her on antibiotic treatment, without any real success. So, cystitis, how to talk about it? Listen to his testimony. “Pains, loneliness and anxiety of sexual intercourse” Marie has long sought the miracle treatment to cure her cystitis. This testimony calls on women to speak out about urinary tract infections. *Marie: the first name has been changed to preserve her anonymity. Remarks: Each case is unique. In case of urinary tract infection or suspicion, we recommend that you consult a doctor as soon as possible.


Animation : Laurence RAKOTO Montage : Alek TAHORA

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